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Frequently Asked Questions

Please get acquainted with these and if further clarification is needed, please get inn touch with us using our email or our social media handles.

When will I get paid?

Payouts are processed at the end of every month.  If eligible you will receive your payout within 7 days after the last day of a given month.


What makes me eligible for a payout?

To receive a payout you must be enrolled in an Activity Group and come in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd within that group.  You must also have a setup your payout contact information.


How will I receive my payout? 

Currently we send Payouts to your Paypal account.  Other methods for Payouts will be provided at a later date.


Why are the miles I logged on Kimbia Fitness different from other fitness apps that I use?

Kimbia Fitness uses your device's GPS to track and calculate the miles you have logged.  Due to the inherent differences in devices, tracking algorithms and the like the miles you log on Kimbia Fitness may be slightly different than other fitness apps.  For the purposes of ranking users in Kimbia Fitness only the miles logged in Kimbia will go towards the official count.


Can I use Kimbia Fitness while using another fitness tracking app?

Yes, you can use Kimbia Fitness at the same time you are using another fitness tracking app.  The two apps will not interfere with each other.


Some of my completed activities are listed as ineligible.  Why?

A completed activity could be marked ineligible if your subscription was expired during the time your activity was completed or you were physically moving too fast for the group activity such as a run.  For instance, if you are participating in a running group and Kimbia detects that throughout your run you were actually driving in a car.  We will mark that run ineligible and the miles you accumulated would not count towards your ranking in the running group.  Kimbia may use other methods to validate whether or not an activity is eligible other than the ones listed here. 




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